Zillonlife Sales and Marketing Plan refers to the plan provided, detailing Zillonlife Global’s remuneration system, registration process and guidelines, requirements, procedures and policies, regarding the presentation of Zillonlife Global products and the business opportunity, as amended from time to time by Zillonlife Global, and which forms an integral part of the Zillonlife Global contract.

The income opportunity provided by Zillonlife’s Sales and Marketing Plan emphasises upon retailing of world class Zillonlife products by you to potential customers. As your business grow, you discover newer ways of increasing your income from amongst the six ways of making money – retail margin, payout on business volume, rank based payout, distributor cashback and bonus incentives.

Distributor Cashback

A cashback which is the difference between distributor price and MRP, given to IBCs when they purchase eligible products from Zillonlife.

Retail Margin

The difference earned over distributor price when you sell a product to a customer from the Zillonlife portal is the retail margin you make from the product sold.

Level Payout on Business Volume

Level payout on business volume is the commission earned from the sales of products to customers, by you and your team.

Rank Based Payout & Bonus Incentives

As your rank advances, your payout through business volume increases.

Global Business Volume Bonus

Payout based on global business volume turnover shared by the company with eligible IBCs.

Promotional Incentive

Special rewards and recognition for qualified IBCs.

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